Do you live in or around Eastbourne?                            

Would you like to experience the remarkable healing benefits,improved body,stress relief,boosted sports performance,increased bedroom performance and more from Pilates?

Well at Pilates with Andrea,you will achieve all this.With a professional,friendly and fun loving Full Matwork Qualified Pilates Instructor.For just the price of a class lesson,but the real  benefits of a private session.

Would you like to know more about how Pilates can transform your life?Then read Why should you learn pilates anyway?

Would you like to learn more as to why Pilates with Andrea could be for you?Please check out ‘About‘  for why should I choose Andrea for my Pilates Instructor.And as to how Pilates dramatically improved my life,read  my Testimonial Walking Tall.

Are you now interested to try Pilates for yourself ?Please check out where I teach in classes.Or contact me on:


tel:01323656466 mobile:07920715376

Under the Tree £30-£100

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  1. Hi Andrea
    I used to go to pilates about 7 years ago so I’m in my early sixties & recently had a new knee,do you think I would be able to do pilates again. I used to get back ache which I am again & it used to help me,

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Jacqui

      Yes it will be possible to do Pilates again.Would be best to start gently.I teach armchair Pilates 9.30am on Wednesdays at Energie Fitness.Which would save you having to go down onto the mat in the beginning.Or check my classes and come along and have a chat


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