You don’t need to improve your golf,do you?

AT&T National Golf Tournament @ Congressional Country Club - Hosted by Tiger Woods

You’re having theĀ  best games of golf you’ve ever had.Not just one game,but on a consistent basis.When you tee off,the ball flies further and straighter.You even seem to avoid the rough more as well these days.Everything seems so much easier(including just walking)compared to just a few months ago.You’re not suffering back pain or strains as much either.In fact you’ve not had an injury for a while now.Well not since you started practicing Pilates,anyway.

How will Pilates improve your Golf?

You were skeptical at first.How could this seemingly simple exercise.Help improve not only your Golf,but your general health and physical fitness as well.But for sure,your game has never been better.But although Pilates involves slight movements.You know yourself,just how a little improvement in say shoulder flexibility.Can mean the difference between veering into the rough or landing on the green.Or being able to rotate more for a much more powerful swing.And up to 2/3rds of mis-shots are due to poor posture,of which Pilates will correct.

Golfers need to learn to use the most powerful driver available to them – their bodies.

And you definitely don’t want it to stop,so you will continue to practice Pilates.Going to classes,which is clearly the best way to learn.Because your teacher,will be able to correct and guide you in the proper alignment.Along with tailoring the exercises to you personally and for Golf specifically.Since you’ll be learning Stott Pilates on the green.

To increase the improvement to your game.You’ve bought a couple of Pilates books and DVDs to help you practice at home as well.Or when you can’t make it to the Golf course or range.Because you can always practice Pilates to improve your game.Since you can practice Pilates anywhere.As all you need is some room,your mat and some loose fitting clothes.

Does this sound like you?

Is this where your game is right now?Are you having the best games of your golfing career?or are you missing more games?Or just not being able to perform to your best?Because of niggling injuries and pains?

Pilates for Golf,The safest alternative for Golf Fitness

If so,Imagine how your game will improve when you start practicing Pilates.

As Pilates will be one of the keys necessary to drive your game out of the bunkers and onto the green.Because you would love to reduce your handicap,wouldn’t you?Win that club trophy even?Or just match,if not indeed beat your fellow golfers?

How serious are you about your sport?

Would you like to have a powerful swing like Tiger Woods?

A lot of the top pros,both men and women.Are using Pilates as key components of their overall physical conditioning.For example Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam are just 2 very well known Golfers using Pilates.Even Seve Ballesteros was famously quoted as saying “I believe it is making a difference.It needs patience,but if it will help me on the golf course.I will do it”.

A Pilates golf program has helped Annika Sorenstam dominate women’s golf

Golf Pilates Enhances PGA Golf Performance

The Best Kept Secret in Professional Golf

How and where can I learn Pilates?

So you would like to transform your golf game,wouldn’t you?Well the best place to start is to find your closest Stott Pilates teacher.If you’re lucky and live near to Eastbourne.Pilateswithandrea is naturally the best choice.If unfortunately you’re not,then you can find a qualified teacher near you at Active Training.And also for extra help you will benefit from Pilates books and DVDs as well.

If you’re now inspired and would like even more info.With all manner of Golf related fitness.To really supercharge your performance.You will find it all at

In just a few short months.You will hopefully be having the same experience as at the top of this page.

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