Would you like to know one of the secrets behind the top Tennis Players?

How to get an Amazing serve like Venus Williams and more

Would you like to have Venus Williams’s serve?Be the British number one like Elena Baltacha?How about the amazing career of Martina Navratilova?Who still holds the record of 167 championship wins for both men and women.Claiming that Pilates helped her to regain her youthful fitness towards the end of her career,and extending her top class playing level.And don’t think it’s just for the ladies as for example Pat Cash,yet another former Wimbledon champ,used Pilates to recover from a back injury and still uses it today as a key component of his fitness regime.He’s so enthusiastic about it that he even has his own Pilates DVD.

How did Venus boost her already amazing form?
How about Venus Williams,’The Queen of Lean’.As she has been named,this however only after taking up Pilates.Which has helped tone down her famous butt.Making her strong but lean.Increasing her power in her strokes,and especially her amazing serve even more.After only 6 months of Pilates and returning to Wimbledon in 2011.Her serve was blowing everybody away with an average speed of 105 mph and a top speed of 122 mph.Which for all you American Football fans out there is faster than a Baseball pitcher.

Venus claimed that Pilates gave her results within a week,dropping from a size 12 to a 10.

“I’ve been doing Pilates and Yoga,trying to lean out my body so I wont be bulky”
Venus Williams

Pilates Helps Tennis Star Improve Bottom Line

Pilates is the Best Off court training you can do
So if you would like to do the best off court training you can possibly do.To vastly improve your Tennis like the Pros.Then Pilates is the best and only exercise to do it.As there is no other exercise as gentle and safe,while also giving you a challenging workout with spectacular results.In a study done back in 2004 using College Tennis Players.After only 6 weeks of Pilates 2 times a week.There was a significant increase in both Tennis serve velocity and muscle endurance.

“In 10 sessions,you will feel the difference.In 20,you will see the difference.And in 30,you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body”
Joseph Pilates

How will Pilates greatly improve your Tennis?

  • Increase your Upper body strength for a more powerful serve
  • Increase your lower body power(your core-the powerhouse)to improve the power of your strokes
  • Improve you your flexibility to reach for those shots
  • Reduce injury,in fact prevent injuries in the 1st place.To stop getting those niggling injuries.So allowing you to train harder and longer(to get better and better)and of course play in more games

If you would like to see what else Pilates can do for your Tennis game,check out Pilates Exercise Guide and Sport Core Strength and you will be stunned.

Pilates is the Key to the Competitive edge
If you would like to step up your game and get that edge over your competitors.Then Pilates is for you.And don’t forget that your competitors might also be using Pilates.So if you don’t want to get left behind,you really need to start Pilates as soon as you can,to at least be on a level playing field.

The Best way to practice Pilates
Just to give you an idea of the simple but extremely effective exercises you will find in a Pilates class.And sure practice these,and also from many good DVDs.These are all great,but as supplements to a real Pilates class.

For there is nothing better.Than actually going to a professionally trained Pilates class.Because your instructor,will help you more than you could on your own.In correcting and perfecting your technique,posture,alignments and imbalances(especially so since Tennis is a one-sided game).And this is only what you will get from a Professionally trained and dynamic Instructor.And this is where Pilates with Andrea will come to your rescue.She is your ticket to fulfilling your tennis potential and hopefully your Tennis dreams.

So if you aspire to play at Wimbledon,Eastbourne or maybe just perform better at your local clubs contests.Then don’t delay and contact Andrea

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