Why should you learn Pilates anyway?

As you read this,you will definitely realise why you need to learn and practice Pilates.

Would you love to have more self-confidence,look and feel more attractive,even feel if not actually be taller?Because if you practice Pilates you will,along with dramatically improving your posture.

Imagine if you could have relief from your back pain,a slipped disc,arthritis or Scoliosis?If you learn Pilates,you will.By stretching and strengthening your muscles,this will help reduce pain and re-balance your body,to correct these physical problems and more.

Do you want to supercharge  your sports performance?To be the next Tiger Woods,Venus Williams or Olympic Gold Medalist.As these all use Pilates as a key component of their training.Pilates helps strengthen your Powerhouse(the core muscles).Which will also help to keep you free from injury.Your body awareness will improve,as will your body control,balance,range of movement and it will also help you to be more graceful.Wow!Can you  picture your sporting triumph yet?Well you will experience it if you learn Pilates.

Pilates for Men

If you practice Pilates,you will recover faster and stronger after an injury or surgery.

You would love to increase your bedroom performance,wouldn’t you?This one will definitely help you men out there.As pilates not only strengthens,but helps you to control your pelvic muscles.Which will enhance your Orgasms(and for you women of course!)You don’t want to waste money on the blue pill do you?If you learn Pilates,it could help with some male sexual problems too.

Fancy those washboard abs to show off on the beach?It would be a shame not to try Pilates,wouldn’t it?Check out Hot to Achieve Great Abdominals

And ladies,how would you feel to have a butt like Kylie?Or a toned body like Madonna?Or any number of Celebs and Sport stars who perform Pilates to help maintain or indeed create a sleek toned body.For example Jennifer Anniston,Kim Cattrall,the model Gisele….

Would you try Pilates if it could help reduce the pain and condition of Osteoporosis?It helps with this by maintaining,and even your improving muscle mass and bone density.

For you men again.Would you like an exercise that might help stave off Prostate cancer or incontinence(you ladies as well again).Well Pilates is the answer again,with strengthened Pelvic floor muscles helping to prevent or reduce it.Better than Surgery,hey?

Are you feeling stressed out?unable to sleep?Do you have low energy?As in addition to all of the above physical conditions.Pilates will also help you to feel more relaxed,maybe more than  you have done for a long time.It will help you to sleep better and reduce those stress levels,so improving your general health(preventing many stress related diseases)and increasing energy levels.

As you have now read a few examples of why you should learn Pilates.And you won’t have to wait long to see the results.Because they are not only Fast but also long lasting.As long as you start to learn Pilates and continue to practice of course.

So what are you waiting for?You could start and benefit from Pilates now by joining in one of my classes.Contact me on  email:andreaastley@hotmail.co.uk/tel:01323 416420/mobile:07920715376 or pop along to a class.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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