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You don’t need to improve your golf,do you?

You don’t need to improve your golf,do you?
You’re having the best games of golf you’ve ever had.Not just one game,but on a consistent basis.When you tee off,the ball flies further and straighter.You even seem to avoid the rough more as well these days.Everything seems so much easier(including just walking)compared to just a few months ago.You’re not suffering back pain or strains as much either.In fact you’ve not had an injury for a while now.Well not since you started practicing Pilates,anyway.
How will Pilates improve you Golf?
You were skeptical at first.How could this seemingly simple exercise.Help improve not only your Golf,but your general health and physical fitness as well.But for sure,your game has never been better.But although Pilates involves slight movements.You know yourself,just how a little improvement in say shoulder flexibility.Can mean the difference between veering into the rough or landing on the green.Or being able to rotate more for a much more powerful swing.And up to 2/3rds of mis-shots are due to poor posture,of which Pilates will correct.
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