Why is Pilates the perfect exercise during and after Pregnancy?

Olympian Mums to be?

Obviously when you’re pregnant ladies, your exercise goals aren’t really to become Olympic fit. You don’t need any stressful exercise in any of the trimesters during pregnancy or after the Birth itself(post-natal).

Safe Prenatal exercises every expected mother should know

The best exercise recommended by midwives

You would like, I’m sure the best exercise recommended by midwives. This is naturally Pilates. Because it’s safe, in that it doesn’t overstress your body. But exercises and tones the areas of your body that will be most affected during this wonderful time. These are your tummy, back and pelvic areas.

Midwivesonline: Pilates- One of the best forms of exercise you could choose during pregnancy

Would you like to have the best pregnancy possible?

So, if you would like to have the best possible pregnancy. With less pain, better sleep, even help with any incontinence you might feel, in fact a hell of a lot more comfortable time all around. Pilates is the best antidote to all these problems.

Why is Pilates good for you during pregnancy and beyond?

Also since your body is becoming more pliable due to the hormone relaxin being secreted into your ever expanding body, to help you cope with your changing condition. So you don’t want to put any extra stress on your body and joints. Once again Pilates is the answer here as well.

How can Pilates help in pregnancy?

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates also improves your Balance, yet another great boost for you. Since as your bump grows and develops. Your centre of gravity will also shift. Making you maybe a little bit clumsier than normal.So Pilates to the rescue again, it might also help with that swaying walk you may develop.

How to use pilates to support a fit pregnancy

Can Pilates help with the birth itself!

Well because a lot of the exercises are performed on all fours. This will hopefully enable your baby to be in the ideal position for birth. Due to exercising you will have more oxygen. So your bundle of joy will be less stressful as a result. And you will as well future Mums. The breath control you learn during Pilates can also be used in the birth as well to help you with the labour.

What is the best way to practice Pilates?

All the DVDs and books on offer are great aids to getting the best professional and personal instruction possible. And what could be better than a fully qualified teacher, who is specialised in pregnancy. And Andrea has the added benefit of being pregnant herself. So you will be able to relate to one another perfectly.

Would you like to regain your former glory?

After you have given birth to your little miracle, and when it’s safe to exercise again. Though obviously check with your midwife/doctor first. Pilates is the perfect post natal exercise to recover your shape, after the stresses of the pregnancy and child birth.

So mums to be, what are you waiting for?

Give yourself and your baby the best possible start. And contact Andrea for your Pilates pregnancy classes. Also check out the recommended DVDs and books for practicing on your own, as these will greatly supplement your classes. Though you should only use these after you have learnt the fundamentals and the safe way to exercise first.

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